Parque Logístico
Calle 80
Jones Lang LaSalle is pleased to present, on behalf of LatAm Logistic Properties (LLP), Parque Logístico Calle 80, a Class A development that meets all the operational requirements of a triple A tenant, thanks to the fact that it has been designed with the most high standards of the best logistics complexes in the world, from the hand of an experienced team with more than 15 years of experience in the development of logistics portfolio in the largest industrial markets in the region.
About us
LLP focuses on providing real estate solutions for rent to companies whose logistics needs include the operation in warehouses, distribution centers or cross-dock from where processes of storage, picking, packing, e-commerce are managed, among others and the transport of goods to their different clients is coordinated.
We have offices in Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica, which allows us to offer and integrate regional solutions with the best market standard.

Based in San José, Costa Rica, LatAm Logistic Properties was founded in 2013 by CEO, Mike Fangman. Jaguar Growth Partners joined the project as a strategic partner in 2015, for the development of logistics complexes in Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica and Panama.

LatAm Logistic attends to companies multinationals, regional and local, looking for modern wineries to distribute products to their final customers.

Our users are leaders in logistics, cargo handling, distribution, retail,
e-commerce and mass consumption.
Lima, Perú
Area: 65.000 m2 (700.000 ft2)
Coyol, San Jose Costa Rica Area: 65,600 m2 (700.000 ft2)
Mike Fangman (Founder and CEO) previously worked as Chief Investment Officer at Prologis Latin America ( where he developed739,000 m2 of Class A logistics buildings in Mexico. In Brazil, he ran a 1.9 million m2 development business in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Guillermo Zarco's career (Country Manager for Colombia) includes having worked in the Terranum Group in the development of industrial and logistics facilities in the country, in addition to his previous experience in IT companies and 3PL in the region.

Juan Pablo Rojas (Regional Director of Development) has more than 15 years leading very important logistics and industrial projects in the 4 markets and within his team has Peter Konrad and Peter Nielsen who have more than30 years of experience developing projects in USA Mexico and Brazil.
The development
The Calle 80 logistics and industrial park, built on a 56-hectare site, with spaces available for LEASE, has a capacity for more than 240,000 square meters of warehouses, which are developed in stages.
Uninterrupted Operation Every day of the year

Central Monitoring Integral Security 24 hours a day

Central Concession Dining Room
Sanitary system with treatment plant and tanks for rainwater management
System according to NFPA standard Water tanks independent of the fire network
Fence + power cord

Park main entrance

Perimeter surveillance cameras

Cameras for control of common areas attached to the facades of the wineries

Security room and CCTV

Electronic and automatic controlled access
The project currently presents a construction development in the logistics warehouses: the B300 of 30,960 m2, the B400 of 23,485 m2, the B500 of 44,975, the B600 of 21,717 m2 and the B700 of 19,250 m2 reaching close to 140.387 m2 and a proper infrastructure for its correct operation and optimum performance of the logistics operation:
- Bodega B300
- Bodega B400
- Bodega B500
- Bodega B600
- Bodega B700
Main access areaParking for small vehicles and trucks
- Internal routes
- Maneuvering yards
- Administrative building
- Edificio administrativo
- Monitoring and security
- Green areas
First Stage
Our design team incorporates the most modern and efficient materials to generate world-class properties, achieving the optimal balance between sustainability, quality and safety. We have suppliers from the United States, Brazil and the region whose standards and experience are recognized and appreciated in Latin America.
High performance specifications
• 12 meters free height for increased vertical storage capacity.
• "ESFR Ready " infrastructure for connection of sprinklers, hoses and cabinets.
• Up to 10% of translucent roof tiles or polycarbonate domes increase natural lighting and reduce energy consumption.
• Floors designed under indexes FF45-FL35, with armored joints and reinforced concrete plates of great dimension, with industrial finish.
• Resistance of 5 ton / m2 and 7 ton per shelf leg in floors.
• Sustainable design under EDGE parameters.
• Large maneuver yards and cargo vehicle parking in common areas
Ample space
Large manoeuvering
Optimal spacing between columns
Ample floor
Raised springs
1.20 m. from the floor
1 dock per 420 m2 of warehouse
Truck parking
in common areas.
120 spaces
Flat springs without depressions
Raised springs
1.20 m from the floor
1 dock per 420 m2 of warehouse

Sustainability and environmental responsibility
- 47% savings in electrical cost for lighting. Use of LED lamps.

- 34% savings in water consumption cost for bathrooms. Use of energy saving systems with low consumption.

- 77% less energy incorporated in materials.

- Greater comfort and safety for employees and visitors, reducing the levels of rotation and accidents.
Edge Advanced Certification
Bodega B400
Incentive for the development of the industrial zone
Exemption from industry and commerce tax (ICA) for up to 5 years for companies that are established for the first time in Tenjo from other municipalities.
Dinpro efficiency studies show that in LLP Warehouses in Parque Logístico Calle 80 they improve the capacity to store pallets between 84% and 97% higher compared to that achieved in a conventional warehouse using the same space
Area required to store 1,000 Simple Positions.
LLP Calle 80 ~564 m2
Bodega Clase B ~1.100 m2

Area required to store 1,000 Double Positions.
LLP Calle 80 ~423 m2
Bodega Clase B ~775 m2

• Required area with single selective rack to store 1,000 pallets: 564 SM(1.77 PP / FS)
• Required area with double depth rack to store 1,000 pallets: 423 SM( 2.36 PP / SM)
• Possibility of installation of mezzanines.
Greater storage capacity per square meter of Warehouse
12 meters
E-Commerce ready
• Possibility to install between 4 levels of mezzanine for picking.
• Possibility to add sprinklers intra mezzanine.
• Fiber optic connections.
• High density of springs per m2 of warehouse.
• Allows operation with large, medium and small format trucks.
• Large manoeuvring and parking areas.
Casos de Estudio
  • Expeditors needed to upgrade their storage services in Costa Rica. They operated in an old Class C warehouse of 9,000 m2 located in Heredia . They also owned a 1,000 square meter Class C office building near the airport.

  • The selected industrial park met all the rigorous standards required by its construction team in New Jersey, which was in charge of dictating the search guidelines.

  • They currently operate a 10,000 m2 warehouse with a 2,500 m2 office. In the warehouse, its capacity has grown significantly since they operate very narrow aisles of 1.80 m and store 6 and 7 levels of racks.

  • PriceSmart needed to reconfigure its regional supply chain model with FTZ capacity that would allow a combination of high-density storage with areas to generate added value. PriceSmart also required a container to store large quantities of products imported from Asia.

  • LLP designed facilities to accommodate all customer needs combined with an ideal location for local and regional distribution including e-commerce.

  • LLP is also working with the PriceSmart team on their market expansion in Colombia and Peru.

  • On November 3, 2016, LatAm Logistics Properties announced a lease for a total of 8,500 square meters with Mabe in San José, Costa Rica.

  • Mabe was the owner of their facilities, and chose to sell their facilities and lease the new warehouse from LatAm Logistic Properties.

  • Mabe used the proceeds from the sale of its old facility to install the headquarters offices of its regional office in its new state-of-the-art distribution facility and return capital to its headquarters in Mexico for strategic initiatives in other markets.

  • Mabe has seen great efficiencies in its Costa Rica P&L due to supply chain efficiencies and lower maintenance costs, as well as increased employee satisfaction, as a result of working from a new well-located logistics facility.

  • LLP worked with Kuehne + Nagel's team in Colombia and Peru to enhance their regional operations as part of a multi - market transaction.

  • K + N Colombia chose LLP Parque Logístico Calle 80 as a BTS solution in Bogotá to implement its strategic modernization plan that seeks more efficient facilities with environmentally friendly constructions, in strategic locations facilitating growth oriented to e-commerce services and offering its customers modern facilities to meet the objectives of the KN + NextGen business plan

Photographic record

Pilar Beltran L.
57 317 437 1916

Guillermo Zarco
57 316 628 5042

Pilar Beltran L.
+57 317 437 1916
Guillermo Zarco
+57 316 628 5042